Roof Rakes: How To Make A Roof Rake

The most devastating thing during winter is the fall of snow on the house roof. Well, having roofrakes can be extremely handy for protecting your investment. If you let snow to stay on the roof for a long period, it can form water damage and make your roof weak. When you visit a hardware store in your region, you will find a rake for removing snow on your roof. However,you can also make your own rake when you follow these simple and easy steps that you will read from this article.

Roof Rake Image 2 Roof Rakes: How To Make A Roof RakeSteps for making your own roof rake
Unlike when you buy from a shop, when you make your rake at home, you might save a few dollars.

images Roof Rakes: How To Make A Roof RakeReadying a pole

The best material that you should use is a pole that is made of aluminum. This material is
extremely lightweight and can provide high efficiency. PVC piping is ideal if you want an
affordable roof rake snow. Additionally, you can combine more than one material in order tostore it easily. For the sake of our procedure, we will use aluminum.

Using a clamp, attach the 2 brackets to both ends of your aluminum pole. You should ensure thatthe holes on both brackets are angled and lined up at 90 degrees. You should get a “T” like lookand the pole should be the base. Make a round hole in the aluminum pole using a drill. The 2bracket holes should be your guide. Ensure that these 90 angled brackets have 3 holes in every bracket in order to drill.

0003820389421 500X500 Roof Rakes: How To Make A Roof RakeThe snow rake hardware

The first step aims at giving the roof rake a form. However, you should be able to attach a metalplate to the aluminum pole. Using nuts and washers put the bolts via the holes that you havedrilled. In unison, use a crescent wrench and pliers to tighten those bolts. When you firmly attachthe brackets to the aluminum pole you can now remove the clamp.

Attach the metal plate

The second step prepares and gets you ready to attach your metal plate to the pole. The metalplate is what you will use to eradicate snow away from your house roof. Place the metal plate atthe center of the angled brackets. You should ensure that the brackets are parallel with both thetop and bottom of the metal plate. Use a permanent marker to mark the positions of the hole.

Once you have drawn the marks you can drill the holes via the metal plate. After you drill theholes, you can now attach your metal plate. Line up the plate holes and make these holes lie onthe 2 angled brackets. Bolts and nuts will help to make the plate attach firmly. In addition, pliersand crescent wrench will help you tighten the brackets.
These are simple steps that you have read from this article. You can follow the steps to makeyour own roof rakes instead of going to the shop to buy.

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